Welcome to the Husscraft Store!

Server IP: play.husscraft.net

Husscraft is a  friendly community server for Minecraft 1.16.1. Here in our store, you can purchase ranks and crate keys for the server. Your purchases help us keep the server running 24/7 and make improvements to the overall experience.

Making A Purchase

Please ensure you have entered the correct Minecraft username before making a purchase. Packages cannot be exchanged from one player to another. Please allow up to 30 minutes after purchase to receive items. If you purchase while offline, items and ranks will be delivered the next time you log-in. 

If you do not receive your orders, contact our support via Discord. We will help you out right away! 

Husscraft is not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang AB or Notch Development. We are not affiliated with Mojang or Notch. Do not contact them for any issue that may arise here.